My favorite movie is Barbie, because it makes a comparison between two worlds. When I saw the trailer, the plot caught my attention in general. So I decided to go see the movie in the cinema in July.

The main characters are Barbie and Ken. They live in Barbie Land, this world is perfect, pink and without problems. However, the real world is not perfect and there are many problems such as wars.

In my opinion, the best part of the movie is when Barbie says she’s a doctor, a lawyer, and so much more. And the worst part of the movie is when they use violence and fight. In the first part of the film everything is perfect until problems begin. Then, the main characters have to travel by plane, bus, boat and car to the real world, to try and solve them.

I really like this movie because it teaches you to live differently and value things more. I recommend you watch Barbie, because it is not a girls´ movie, it´s an incredible story filled with values that tries to teach us how our actions have consequences and change others´ lives.

Érika Gallegos Ponferrada (2º Bachillerato C)