A small light, is a series of  Disney Plus. It’s about Miep Gies, she and her husband who helped the Frank family, the Vals Pels family and Fritz Pfedder, to hide from the Nazis during the Second World War. They did not only helped them, but  they helped several more families.

A small light is made up of eight chapters, in which we can see how Otto Frank tells Miep if she can help him and his family to hide them, from that moment she provides with food to his hideout every day, until they are discovered. At the end of the war Otto returns to his office where he meets Miep and tells everything about the Concentration Camps. Finally, Miep gives him Anna’s diary.

I recommend this series because I  have always know about Anna Frank’s story, but I don’t know who were the people who helped them hide. Also, you can  learn more about this period of history.

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