We have all heard of her some time, we may even have had her in our hands. When I discovered that a new film of this famous doll was going to come to light, I

imagined many things but never what ended up being in reality the film that I had the opportunity to see on the big screen.

Feminism, self-discovery, stereotypes… are some of the topics covered in this film, but wait, wasn’t this a toy for kids?

The truth is that this film goes far beyond all that. In it, our protagonist, Barbie, makes us

see how her perfect life deteriorates when she begins to have human thoughts such as death or sadness. She teaches us how even what we consider perfect has its defects and how we should not believe everything we see with the naked eye. With this film we learn to value the advances that our society has made so far but also everything that remains to move forward.

To sum up, if you are looking for a funny movie that includes a criticism of society and stereotypes this is a very good option. But if popular plots are not your thing maybe you should look for another option.

Inma Carrasco Ordoñez (2º Bachillerato A)